Digital Traceability

Digital Traceability

  • OFA in partnership with SAP has created a traceability mobile application which can safely keep record of data right from farmer registration until exporting stage 
  • Throughout the growing season, the system tracks and records key milestones in the cultivation process, including sowing, ploughing application, irrigation, and harvesting.
  •  The system allows for detailed registration of farmers,
    capturing essential information such as their personal details, land holdings,
    cultivation practices, and contact information.
  • It can customized as per the needs of any  company

Features in the app

Farmer Registration

Registration of farmers into the system

Field Mapping

Mapping the fields of registered farmers


Buying products produced by farmers

Field Activities

Tracking activities happening in different farmer fields


Involves loading of different products bought from farmers.


Involves packaging of the produce preparing for exportation.


Conducting farmer surveys to gather feedback on service satisfaction 

Reporting and Analytics

Analytics Dashboard containing all reports