Rosella Brings Cheer to Mbire Farmers

Writes Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Mbire is an arid area where farming has never been a lucrative venture for many but thanks to a rosella farming project by Organic Africa, some villagers are smiling all the way to the bank.

Farmers who were undergoing training on organic farming in this wildlife-infested area lauded the initiative by Organic Africa on rosella farming as a ‘game-changer’.

According to Sirisca Bandazi from Ward 7, Sikande Village, the project has enabled her to fend for her family.

“I can attest that ever since I joined this initiative, my livelihood has incredibly changed. I am managing to send my children to school and be able to do other income-generating projects from the proceeds of the rosella farming,” she told this publication.

The same was echoed by Everson Mfanechiya from Ward 6, Mhako village.

“I have been able to send my two kids to Kasuwo Primary School through farming Rosella,” Mfanechiya said.

What makes rosella farming a worthy endeavor in Mbire is the timely payments by Organic Africa, asserts Dzikamai Matope, Ward 6 from Chirombozi village.

“Most of us concentrate on rosella farming because Organic Africa has been religiously paying us in time unlike other organisations here who are contracting farmers and then dither on payments,” Matope revealed.

A 69-year-old  Clever Guveya, from Ward 15 of Kadzi village said the proceeds from rosella farming enabled him to buy an irrigation pump and fence.

“My life has considerably changed since I started rosella farming and I have bought an irrigation and fence,” quips Guveya.

On its website, Organic Africa says, “Rosella is popular around the world and it’s no wonder – it’s easy to grow, tastes delicious, looks amazing, and has so many positive health benefits. Hibiscus tea has been known to prevent hypertension, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, keep your liver healthy, help with depression, aid digestion, help with weight management, and give you glowing skin and hair. It is also rich in Vitamin C as well as many other vitamins and minerals.”

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